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The success of any matchbox team does not solely rely on the driver, but collective effort of the team, bringing together their various skills, talents and ideas...

Racing Eagle's Matchbox Racing is a low cost grassroots racing competition accessible to all across Africa. The competition will be a catalyst for youths to come together and form different racing teams to compete in organised local, regional and national championships. For every entry, the teams will design and build their cars in any chosen shapes or sizes; develop team and racing strategies; business plan to seek small funding in terms of sponsorship from local businesses and individuals to fund their projects.

They will compete with unpowered motorless vehicles, raced on downhill roads in different cities across Africa. The cars are powered from the momentum gained from the push and force downhill.

Matchbox Racing Championship will help the youths to develop and showcase their talents in creativity, craftsmanship, engineering and teamwork. The complete cycle ofthe project, real life practical experience and working as teams will help the youths to have a broader knowledge in various fields and skills including entrepreneurship, engineering, creativity, business management & strategy, economics and legal contract, thereby preparing them for their great futures.

The event activities will be a great impact to the social economy and development of average communities in Africa, it will bring the community together through the spirit of sportsmanship and entertainment, bringing on board the adults to assist and mentor the youths with their projects and creating a new revenue for the local artisans rendering various services to the teams.

The racing event will also bring a carnival atmosphere to the community, with people coming out to support and watch the race, while various activities including music concerts, comedy, trades and exhibitions will also be going on, thereby creating an economy to the community.

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